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“Villa Renovation”
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【Hokkaido】Niseko・Kutchan・Makari・Rusutsu 【Shonan】Zushi・Hayama・Kamakura・Miura
【Fuji】Lake Kawaguchi・Lake Yamanaka・Gotemba

“Villa Renovation”のデザイン事例

Other Renovation Examples

Villa Renovation / Villa Remodeling

Our villa renovation and villa remodeling offer a high quality of relaxation that cannot be found in the city center. The clean air that makes you want to take a deep breath, the vivid greenery, and the blue sea and sky that awaken your eyes. Through renovation of villas and resort condominiums, we can realize luxurious holidays that seem to blend in with nature. If you want to spend every day in an extraordinary way, we recommend renovating your home to look like a resort hotel.

CRAFT offers villa renovations in the above areas. Please contact us directly for more information as we may be able to accommodate you outside of these areas.

Extraordinary comfort through villa renovation


We propose a resort house that brings luxury and relaxation to your daily life. You can spend a timeless moment with your family while enjoying the refreshing view from the window. Sometimes, you may want to invite friends over and serve them home-cooked meals. The open living room is suitable for a resort area, and the relaxing design will make your long stay memorable. We create one-of-a-kind luxury villas to suit the ideal holiday of those who have purchased a resort condominium or a second-hand villa.

Your home is like a resort hotel.


We will create a space filled with hospitality, like a private hotel that always welcomes you warmly. We renovate not only vacation homes, but also homes and second homes in Tokyo to make them resort-like. Patios, hammocks, fireplaces, saunas, and fresh breezes and light. By incorporating exotic elements, you can start living like you would at a resort. If you like resort hotels or are too busy to visit a vacation home, we recommend renovating your home.

Whether you are interested in purchasing a vacation home or already own one

Please contact us if you already own a vacation home, if you are considering purchasing a vacation home, or if you are renovating your home or second home in the suburbs of Tokyo.

How to proceed with villa renovation

You can choose between “on-site service” and “online service” for meetings. Please choose the one that best suits your convenience.

Construction work is performed by excellent construction companies affiliated with each region.

Construction can be done by a construction company you know. CRAFT will install in Tokyo and suburban areas.

Two model rooms in Tokyo

Two model rooms in Aoyama and Jiyugaoka. Each has a different concept: a simple wooden space and a space with an aged atmosphere. Please stop by when you visit Tokyo (by appointment only). You can also view our image movies.

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